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Learning app for kids

Ignite your child's love for learning.

Kokotree is an award-winning learning app for kids ages 1-5, expertly crafted to educate, entertain, and inspire young learners.

A trusted choice for parents who prioritize quality education.
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Transform screen time into growth time.

Kokotree's premium preschool learning experience empowers your child's education and development with engaging, high-quality content that fits your busy lifestyle.

  • Prepare your child for school.
  • Cultivate essential life skills.
  • Edutainment at its finest.
  • Nurture your child's curiosity.
  • Boost your child's intelligence.
  • Fast-track learning progress.
  • Developed by Certified Experts in Early Childhood Development
  • Approved by Teachers and Experienced Educators
  • Based on Research from World-Class Universities
Preschool child learning app

The smart choice for parents who value their child's education.

Kokotree students master vital early childhood skills through an immersive, quality-focused learning experience.

Tuition grants access to our ever-expanding library of educational videos, fueling your child's passion for learning and discovery.

Enjoy on-demand sessions available on the web, mobile app, and smart streaming devices for convenience at your fingertips.

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Learning app for kids, preschoolers, toddlers

Because your child deserves more than just entertainment.

Kokotree is based on a STEAM curriculum. Through the latest research in education and technology, your child is engaged in smart screen time, building knowledge in five core areas:

Language and literacy

Identifying and matching letters to sounds, learning the alphabet, following directions, having conversations, and learning to read.

Fundamental math

Identifying numbers, quantities, counting, and shapes. Learning simple opposites, like big and small, and up and down.

Science and technology

Learning our universe and how things work. Concepts like cause and effect, day vs. night, making observations, and how to experiment.

Social and emotional learning

Recognizing and regulating emotions, cooperating with others, and resolving conflicts. Communicating and how to show empathy to others.

Imagination and creativity

Exploring imagination, creativity, and self-expression. Learning to dream big and formulate a fascinating future.

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Unlock your child's full potential, today.

Every child learns through repetition. With Kokotree, every repeated lesson is a step towards excellence. We're not just repeating; we're reinforcing the foundation of their future success.

Reinforce critical concepts

Our preschool curriculum is designed to help your child grasp and retain vital information through repetition.

Promote confidence and mastery

Repetitive learning helps build self-assurance as children become more familiar with key topics.

Strategic reinforcement

Kokotree's approach thoughtfully revisits important concepts to solidify your child's understanding.

Engaging, varied repetition

We use diverse and engaging educational videos, audio stories, activities and presentations to keep the learning experience fresh and enjoyable.

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Set them up for success with premium educational content.

You're striving for the best in everything for your child, and so are we. Kokotree's content isn't just high-quality; it's expertly tailored, ensuring each learning moment counts.

HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p) availability subject to your internet service and device capabilities.

Effortless learning that respects your time.

We get it—you're juggling a million things. That's why Kokotree is designed to be the extra pair of hands you've been wishing for. Let your child dive into an enriching educational experience, while you focus on the day's tasks.

  • Instant Engagement - Captivating content, ready at your fingertips.
  • Kid-friendly Design - So easy, they can use it without your help.
  • Maximize Every Minute - Ideal for those short breaks or limited teaching times.
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Education that fits your dynamic life.

Life doesn't pause, and with Kokotree, your child's learning won't either. Move swiftly through your day, assured that education is always within your child's reach, no matter where you are.

  • Universal Compatibility - From phones to TVs, we've got every screen covered.
  • Learning on the Go - Offline videos for those car rides and store trips.
  • Adaptable Learning - Perfectly crafted for every moment of your day.
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Fresh premium content to match your child's growing curiosity.

Children change and grow every day, and Kokotree evolves with them. Imagine a world where fresh, premium content meets your child’s ever-changing interests and passions.

  • Consistent educational stimulation
  • Catering to your child's ever-changing interests
  • An app that grows with your child
new learning videos each month
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A safe haven for limitless learning.

Your child’s safety is our top priority. Dive into a world crafted to fuel their learning passion in the safest digital environment.

Ad-free and age appropriate.

You can rest assured that your child's educational experience will be free from distracting ads and other unwanted content.

Explore a wealth of curated educational content to meet their age group's needs and interests. And with new content added regularly, your child will never run out of things to watch and explore!

Designed by educators

The Kokotree learning app for kids is the result of years of experience in early childhood education by experienced educators and child development specialists. Our team understands the need to create a fun, safe, and engaging environment for young learners to explore new concepts, develop critical thinking skills, and build a lifelong love for learning.

Kid-safe technology

We design with your child's well-being in mind. With a simple user interface that is easy for kids to navigate, our app offers safe, engaging playtime hours.

preschool boy eating apple while learning
family enjoying Kokotree learning app

Join the community of parents who prioritize quality education for their kids.

"Repetitive and engaging, Kokotree offers a safe space for our son to learn and have fun."

Akriti L
Mother of a 4 year old

"Kokotree keeps our 2-year-old learning and entertained, a perfect alternative to TV."

Jose G
Father of a 2 year old

"Kokotree has been a lifesaver! It keeps my toddler engaged while I work from home. The quality content eases my mind."

Taylor M
Mother of a 2 year old

"With Kokotree, I'm confident my child is learning from certified experts. It's a wonderful supplement to their education."

Liam F
Father of a 4-year-old

"Stumbled upon Kokotree, and it's been a game-changer! My daughter adores the educational videos."

Sue K
Mother of a 3 year old

"Kokotree is the ideal blend of education and entertainment. Fun, cute, and engaging videos."

Mary C
Mother of a 2 year old

"As a busy parent, Kokotree's seamless integration across devices is a lifesaver. My child can learn on-the-go, anytime, anywhere!"

Nina K
Mother of a 2 year old

"Kokotree's continuous improvement keeps my child engaged. The new content added regularly sparks her curiosity."

Emily T
Mother of a 4 year old

"Screen time without guilt! Kokotree's educational content is perfect for traveling and road trips."

Samuel B
Father of a 2 year old

"Kokotree sparked our son's interest in learning. He can't get enough of the videos!"

Jasmine K
Mother of a 2 year old

"Kokotree's age-appropriate content is perfect for my toddler. The curated activities capture her imagination."

Oliver J
Father of a 2 year old

"With Kokotree, I know I'm providing my child the best learning experience, even with my busy schedule. It's truly a smart choice for working parents."

Misha L
Mother of a 3 year old

"Kokotree offers quality screen time for our daughter. It's exactly what we were searching for."

Kritika S
Mother of a 3 year old

"Kokotree is our family's go-to choice for engaging and educational videos. Simply amazing!"

Jennifer A
Mother of 3 kids

"Kokotree's structured curriculum ensures my child's learning is focused and progressive. We've seen a significant improvement!"

Andrea R
Mother of a 3 year old

"Kokotree's edutainment format is a game-changer. My preschooler is always excited to learn and explore new topics!"

Chris B
Father of a 3 year old

Invest in your child's future.

With Kokotree, you're not just subscribing to an app — you're securing your child's brightest future.

Your Trust, Our Promise: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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Give your child a taste of:

  • High-quality educational videos
  • A safe, ad-free environment
  • Downloadable videos
  • Up to 4 child profiles
  • Limited access
  • Monthly fresh content
  • Early access to new updates
  • Founding member status
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Unlock the full experience:

  • High-quality educational videos
  • Child-safe, ad-free environment
  • Downloadable videos
  • Up to 4 child profiles
  • Full, unrestricted access
  • New videos added monthly
  • Early access to new updates
  • Founding member status
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Kokotree is a convenient educational learning app for kids designed for busy working parents, providing an engaging and safe experience for toddlers and preschoolers. We aim to develop a lifelong love for learning and nurture essential skills like attention span, problem-solving, language acquisition, and curiosity.

Kokotree is available on iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices through the app, accessible via a web browser on a computer, and can be streamed to your smart TV. Coming soon to AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Kindle Fire, Google TV, Android TV, and Chromecast.

You can download the Kokotree educational mobile app from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Kokotree offers a free trial with limited educational videos optimized for repetitive learning. The free trial lasts forever, allowing your child to benefit from our high-quality content without any time constraints.

We add new, engaging content to the Kokotree curriculum monthly and are working to increase the frequency of updates. This ensures your child stays motivated and has access to fresh learning materials.

You can upgrade your account for just $9.99/month for unlimited access to the full collection of premium videos. There are no extra costs, in-app purchases, or contracts, and you can cancel anytime. We accept all major credit cards and the subscription recurs monthly.

Our team of experienced educators, artists, and teachers create our content in-house, guaranteeing age-appropriate and high-quality educational materials for your child.

Kokotree offers a user-friendly and practical learning app for kids, enabling your child to study on their own even when you have a busy schedule. We promote parent involvement and provide a hassle-free platform to interact with your child's educational progress at your convenience.

You can email our customer support team for prompt and efficient assistance, and we'll respond within the same day.

We understand that busy parents might not always be able to monitor your child's screen time. Here are some tips for managing your child's screen time with Kokotree:

  • Restrict daily screen time to 1 hour or less
  • Monitor your child's screen time and avoid passive screen time
  • Participate in viewing and learning with your child
  • Keep screens out of children's bedrooms
  • Avoid any screen time 2-3 hours before bed

If you feel like the Kokotree learning app for kids isn't the right fit for you, don't worry. You can cancel your subscription anytime without any hassle or questions asked. Your feedback is valuable to us and we appreciate your honesty.

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