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Effective as of December 17, 2023, Kokotree, with its heart set on making learning delightful, has updated our Cookie Policy.

Kokotree is the #1 learning app for kids. Activate your child’s learning with fun educational videos for toddlers, preschoolers, parents, and family.

1) A Sweet Intro to Cookies

Just like we enjoy making learning fun, we believe in being open and clear about how we use your information. This Cookie Policy explains how and when we use cookies on our Websites, which includes kokotree.com and any other sites we operate that link to this Policy.

2) Does Kokotree use Cookies?

Yes, indeed! Kokotree and our partners use cookies and similar technologies to ensure everyone who visits our Websites has a joyous and smooth experience.

3) What is a Cookie?

Think of a cookie as a tiny note a website leaves on your device. It helps the website remember your preferences and makes your next visit a breeze. We use various cookies – some are for when you use certain features, while others are always working in the background. We also use web beacons and similar tech to make our emails more engaging and to measure how you interact with our content.

4) Why Kokotree Loves Cookies

Cookies help us understand what you love on our Websites. They assist in improving your experience by remembering your preferences and giving us insights into user behavior. You can manage these cookies through your browser settings – but if you choose not to use them, some website features might not work as intended.

5) Baking Control: How to Manage Cookies

You have control over your cookies! You can adjust your cookie settings through your web browser. Here are some guides on managing cookie settings in various browsers:

Our Variety of Cookies at Kokotree

Like a well-stocked cookie jar, our website uses different types of cookies. Each one plays a unique role in making your Kokotree experience delightful!

  1. Essential Cookies Just like the foundation of a house, Essential Cookies are crucial for your journey on our website. They’re like helpful friends, remembering your preferences and choices as you explore Kokotree. Without them, navigating our site would be like finding your way in a fun but unfamiliar playground.
  2. Analytics Cookies These cookies are the curious ones! They love to gather insights about how you and other visitors interact with our site. Think of them as little detectives working to make Kokotree even more enjoyable for everyone. They keep track of which pages are most popular and how you found us, helping us provide content that’s just right for you.
  3. Functionality or Preference Cookies These cookies are all about personalizing your experience. They remember your username, language, and region, so you feel right at home on our site. They’re like a thoughtful friend who knows your preferences and makes sure everything is just the way you like it, each time you visit.
  4. Targeting or Advertising Cookies Placed by third-party advertising platforms, these cookies are the social butterflies of the cookie world. They help deliver ads that are relevant to your interests. Imagine a friendly billboard that shows you ads for things you might like. These cookies remember your visits and use that info to show you more of what you might enjoy on Kokotree and other websites.

Each type of cookie plays a unique role in enhancing your experience on Kokotree, making it as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We hope this explanation helps you understand how we use cookies to better serve you!

6) The Changing Recipe of Cookies

Please note that the cookies we use may change. This Policy is your go-to resource for the latest information on our cookie usage. Although we strive for accuracy, we can’t be liable for discrepancies or errors in this Policy.

7) Cookies in Our Services

Apart from our Websites, we also use cookies in our services, like our educational platforms and resources. Our use of cookies in these services is detailed in our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

8) Keeping Our Policy Fresh

We’ll update this Cookie Policy from time to time. Look out for a notice on our Websites about any significant changes. By continuing to use our Websites, you agree to accept these changes. If you disagree with our Cookie Policy, we’ll miss you, but you might choose to stop using our Websites.


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