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Kokotree Curriculum.

What your child will learn.

Kokotree makes preschool learning fun and simple—sparking their curiosity and love for learning!

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Basic Math.

Dive into numbers with counting games and basic math concepts. Watch your child grasp shapes, sizes, and numbers in a fun way.

"Kokotree is magic! My kiddo learns and laughs so much. Best decision ever!"
Mom of a 4-year-old

Reading & Writing.

Discover the joy of words through letter recognition and early reading skills. Fun activities make learning to read and write exciting.

Science & Tech.

Simple science lessons help your child understand the world around them, from day and night to health and hygiene.

Social Skills.

Grow important life skills like empathy, self-awareness, and kindness. Our stories teach valuable lessons in understanding emotions.


Ignite creativity and imagination through a world of colors. Watch your child play, explore, and learn artistic and color recognition skills.


Engaging activities introduce various shapes, enhancing their visual recognition and imaginative skills.

Game Zone.

Step into the Game Zone where your child will enjoy interactive games that entertain and educate.

Minutes per day.

Unlock a world of learning that makes your child smarter, more curious, and ready for school. It's easy, fun, and incredibly effective.

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Effortlessly simple and engaging, Kokotree's educational lessons encapsulate the perfect balance of language and literacy, math, science, creative arts, and social-emotional development.

Watch your child flourish as they explore mesmerizing stories, captivating games, and endearing characters, all while developing essential life skills.

Educational videos for preschoolers.

Budding Sprouts

Join Elizabeth, Meera, Looka, Rocko, and a cute cast of child characters. The all-new Budding Sprouts program starts your child on their first lessons—taught by our adorable characters—learning pre-skills for a vibrant educational future.

New videos each month.
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Budding Sprouts. Educational Videos for Preschoolers

Coming soon: Exciting new adventures for your little one.

Our dedicated team at Kokotree is working tirelessly to bring you and your child the very best in educational content. By joining the Kokotree family, you become an integral part of building something truly special—a bright future for your little one, filled with endless learning opportunities.

  • Slanting Lines
  • The Letter A
  • Counting 4, 5, & 6
  • Day and Night
  • Square and the Color Red
  • Early Reader: Single Words 2
  • The Thirsty Crow
  • The Letter B
  • Counting 7, 8, & 9
  • Rectangle and the Color Blue
  • Colors of the Rainbow
  • Cat on the Mat
  • The Enormous Carrot
  • The Letter C
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Square and the Color Red
  • The Red Cot
  • Are You My Mother?
  • The Letter D
  • Counting 11 to 15
  • Pentagon and the Color Orange
  • Healthy Food & Junk Food
  • Animal Adventures
  • The Trees and the Earth
  • The Letter E
  • Counting Backwards
And much, much more.
Educational games for preschoolers.

Game Zone

Step into the Kokotree Game Zone, where learning and fun intertwine! This vibrant collection of educational games is designed to spark young minds, from toddlers to preschoolers. Each game offers a unique adventure in learning.

New games each month.
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Game Zome. Educational Games for Preschoolers
Bedtime stories

Story Nook

Introduce your little ones to our soothing collection of short audio stories, perfectly crafted for bedtime bonding with toddlers and preschoolers. These calming tales not only captivate young minds, but also gently ease them into a peaceful bedtime routine.

New audio each month.
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Kokotree Story Nook. Audio bedtime stories for toddlers and preschoolers.
Educational videos for toddlers.

Little Seeds

Ignite your child's love for learning with fun educational videos featuring wholesome nursery rhymes, sing-along songs, and lovable characters.

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Little Seeds. Educational Videos for Toddlers

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Kokotree Curriculum.

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