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Little Seeds Program Overview

At Kokotree, we created a program called Little Seeds that uses rhyme videos to help toddlers learn essential learning topics in multiple subject areas.

Many parents ask why we have only 25 rhyme videos, but research has shown that young children learn best from a limited set of experiences and are much less likely to become bored or distracted by too many choices.

Here’s why Kokotree’s Little Seeds program is limited to 25 rhyme videos.

Repetition is how toddlers learn most effectively.

  • Rhymes have a surprising amount of power in language acquisition. When children are exposed to rhyming words, they learn about language structure.
  • But this works only if you present limited high-quality rhyme videos. Kids learn better from repetition, so we want to expose them to the same information multiple times in different ways.
  • Repetition is vital for two reasons: It helps children build neural pathways between different brain parts and helps them consolidate what they’ve learned to access it later.
  • If you expose your child to thousands of different and unstructured rhyme videos, they lose the context, and there is no retention or learning.

Apps with 1000s of videos are distracting and overwhelming.

  • Toddlers can focus on a single task for around 4 to 6 minutes. The more options you give them, the harder it is for them to choose, hold their attention, and complete any challenge.
  • Our Little Seeds program has been designed to meet kids’ needs. Each rhyme video focuses on a single concept and only exposes children to new words in context. By limiting the number of videos and working with kids on a single task for an extended period, we help them

Quality over quantity in video selection ensures that children are exposed to relevant and appropriate content. The 25 videos we selected are high-quality, educational, and age-appropriate, meaning that children will learn and retain more from the limited selection.

Our focus on repetition in the 25 videos helps children to practice, remember and reinforce their learning. This approach will help ensure that children have a solid understanding of the concepts being taught rather than just having a broad knowledge of many videos.

Our approach helps children to develop their attention span and focus; rather than constantly switching from one video to another, children will be able to concentrate and learn more effectively from the limited selection.

Choosing Kokotree’s Little Seeds program for your toddler means that you can have peace of mind knowing that your child is learning in a safe and engaging environment, with content that has been carefully selected to enhance their development.

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