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101 Rainy Day Preschool Activities & Indoor Fun

Written by: Kokotree

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rainy day activities for toddlers indoor fun

Is it raining today? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back! Here are 50 rainy day preschool activities.

When indoor play becomes the day’s main event, having a variety of engaging and educational preschool activities is vital to keeping little ones entertained and learning.

From crafting with materials around the house to imaginative play that transforms your living room into a world of adventure, these indoor activities are perfect for nurturing creativity, problem-solving skills, and fine motor development.

Storytelling, music, and simple science experiments can also enhance language development and scientific curiosity.

Remember, every rainy day offers a golden opportunity to explore new ideas and concepts, making learning an enjoyable part of staying indoors.

Rainy Day Preschool Activities

  1. Indoor scavenger hunt
  2. Build a fort with blankets and pillows
  3. Create a DIY indoor obstacle course
  4. Bake and decorate cookies
  5. Learn using preschool worksheets
  6. Craft with recycled materials
  7. Indoor picnic
  8. Storytime with a flashlight
  9. Homemade playdough session
  10. Puzzle solving
  11. Finger painting
  12. Watercolor painting
  13. Dress-up play
  14. Make a homemade musical instrument
  15. Shadow puppet show
  16. Playdough modeling
  17. Create a sensory bin
  18. Bubble blowing (indoors-safe solution)
  19. Indoor gardening with herbs
  20. DIY kite making
  21. Paper mache projects
  22. Story writing and illustration
  23. Indoor bowling with plastic bottles
  24. Yoga for kids
  25. DIY science experiments
  26. Create a collage
  27. Memory game with cards
  28. Make friendship bracelets
  29. Learn simple magic tricks
  30. Origami folding
  31. Create a time capsule
  32. Sing preschool songs
  33. Make a bird feeder
  34. Learn to juggle with soft balls
  35. Puppet making and play
  36. Watch educational cartoons
  37. Create a comic strip
  38. Bead stringing
  39. Cardboard box creativity
  40. Balloon volleyball
  41. Indoor hopscotch with tape
  42. DIY maze with tape or blocks
  43. Sorting and counting games
  44. Create a family tree
  45. Alphabet and number bingo
  46. Sock puppet crafting
  47. Make a homemade board game
  48. Conduct a tea party
  49. Play “Simon Says”
  50. Indoor treasure hunt
  51. Create and fly paper airplanes
  52. Read a book and act it out.
  53. Create a family newspaper.
  54. Indoor “camping” with a tent or fort.
  55. Make a simple birdhouse.
  56. Create a scrapbook.
  57. Have a movie marathon with educational films.
  58. Make a fairy garden in a pot.
  59. Host a mini Olympics with simple games.
  60. Learn a new dance routine.
  61. Have a fashion show with costumes.
  62. Play with magnetic letters and boards.
  63. Make and decorate paper crowns.
  64. Create your own storybook.
  65. Do a puzzle together.
  66. Have a tea party with stuffed animals.
  67. Make a simple robot from boxes.
  68. Create a family crest.
  69. Do a science project like a vinegar and baking soda volcano.
  70. Paint with ice cubes.
  71. Create a weather chart.
  72. Make a homemade pizza.
  73. Have a pillow fight.
  74. Create a gratitude jar.
  75. Indoor mini-golf with a homemade course.
  76. Make a homemade ice cream.
  77. Create a chain reaction with dominoes.
  78. Learn about stars and make constellations from stickers.
  79. Create a simple animation with a flipbook.
  80. Make a homemade lava lamp.
  81. Create and decorate masks.
  82. Learn about recycling and create a recycling center.
  83. Write and mail letters to family or friends.
  84. Create a bug hotel with recycled materials.
  85. Learn basic knitting or crochet.
  86. Create a simple website or blog.
  87. Learn about other countries and make a passport.
  88. Make a vision board.
  89. Learn to play a simple musical instrument.
  90. Start a rock collection and paint rocks.
  91. Make a time capsule.
  92. Create a butterfly garden with paper.
  93. Play shadow tag.
  94. Make a simple bird feeder.
  95. Learn about planets and make a solar system model.
  96. Create a simple circuit with a light bulb.
  97. Make a wind chime.
  98. Create a story with a storyboard.
  99. Make a treasure map.
  100. Start a herb garden indoors.
  101. Create a simple sailboat to race in the bath.
  102. DIY Story Dice

Rain or shine, indoor activities offer a fantastic way to keep preschoolers engaged, curious, and learning.

With these 101 rainy day activities, you’re equipped to turn any gloomy day into an adventure filled with fun and educational experiences. From crafting to storytelling, each activity is designed to spark imagination and encourage development in young minds.

So, next time the rain clouds roll in, view it as an opportunity to explore, create, and learn together indoors.

Remember, with a little creativity, the possibilities for fun are endless, no matter the weather.

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