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Less is More. Here’s Why Kokotree Offers Only 25 Rhyme Videos.

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Less is more toddler learning

At Kokotree, we understand the importance of rhyme in early childhood development. That’s why we’ve created our Little Seeds program, which uses engaging rhymes to help toddlers learn essential learning topics in multiple subject areas.

Many parents ask why we have only 25 rhyme videos.

We all think that “kids need more” and that they should have access to all the nursery rhymes they could want. What parent doesn’t want more for their child?

But research has shown that young children learn best from a limited set of experiences and are much less likely to become bored or distracted by too many choices.

Here’s why Kokotree’s Little Seeds program is limited to 25 rhyme videos.

1. Repetition is how toddlers learn most effectively.

Rhymes have a surprising amount of power in language acquisition. When children are exposed to rhyming words, they learn about language structure.

But this works only if you present limited high-quality rhyme videos. Kids learn better from repetition, so we want to expose them to the same information multiple times in different ways.

Repetition is vital for two reasons:

  • It helps children build neural pathways between different brain parts.
  • It helps them consolidate what they’ve learned to access it later.

When kids hear a new word, they store it in their working memory. But if they don’t listen to it again soon after, it will quickly fade from their memory. Hearing the same word multiple times makes them more likely to move it into their long-term memory, where they can access it later.

If you expose your child to thousands of different and unstructured rhyme videos, they lose the context, and there is no retention or learning.

2. Apps with 1000s of videos are distracting and overwhelming.

Toddlers can focus on a single task for around 4 to 6 minutes (source). The more options you give them, the harder it is for them to choose, hold their attention, and complete any one challenge.

Our Little Seeds program has been designed with kids’ needs in mind. Each rhyme video focuses on a single concept and only exposes children to new words in context. By limiting the number of videos and working with kids on a single task for an extended period, we help them learn more effectively and efficiently.

For example …

“If you want to keep your child’s nose in a book, you may be better off giving them just two to three titles to choose from, rather than a hefty stack. The same idea holds for other beneficial activities, such as educational games and playing outside.” —Michal Maimaran, Kellog School (source)

The same is true for educational videos. Less is more because it helps toddlers focus.

3. Our focus on quality ensures learning benefits for kids.

Experts carefully craft our content in early childhood development to ensure that it has educational value for toddlers. We use research-based techniques and proven strategies to develop critical learning skills in kids.

4. We believe that the best way for kids to learn is through direct, hands-on experience.

While we recognize the power of rhyme videos for teaching toddlers new concepts and ideas, we also know that nothing can replace real-world interactions with parents, caregivers, and teachers.

That’s why we encourage parents to use our rhyme videos to introduce new concepts and engage kids directly in activities that will reinforce what they’ve learned.

5. We believe kids learn best in a safe, supportive environment.

At Kokotree, we are committed to creating a safe and supportive space for learning and exploration. Our Little Seeds program is designed to foster curiosity, creativity, and confidence in young learners. We also ensure that our rhymes are age-appropriate, using positive, encouraging language that helps kids feel supported and motivated.

6. We believe in the power of play to help kids learn and grow.

At Kokotree, we are passionate about the role that play can have in helping kids develop critical learning skills. Through our Little Seeds program, we use engaging rhymes and games to support kids as they explore the world around them. We believe that play-based learning gives kids the tools they need to thrive in a complex and rapidly changing world.

Ultimately, the benefits of nursery rhymes go far beyond teaching toddlers about language and literacy. They help children develop creative thinking skills, understand speech structure, and explore new ideas in an exciting, playful way. We believe that all toddlers deserve the chance to learn and grow through rhyme and song. And we’re proud to be at the forefront of this essential learning tool for kids everywhere!

7. Safe, age-appropriate content is essential for learning.

Have you ever noticed how some children’s TV shows can be loud and distracting? That’s not what we’re going for with our Little Seeds program.

Instead, we want your child to be engaged and focused while watching our rhymes. That’s why we’ve chosen a calming and soothing tone of voice for our verses and a muted color theme for our videos.

Most free online platforms have loud and flashy rhyme videos; watching such rhymes will not help your young one. That is why a limited number of safe and high-quality rhyme videos will help your child develop memory recall effectively.

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What do toddlers learn from nursery rhymes?

  • Rhyming is a crucial building block for language development and comprehension. Following the predictable patterns of rhymed words and phrases, toddlers can better understand what they hear and see. Nursery rhymes also focus on learning the rules of grammar and sentence structure rules in a fun and engaging way.
  • Nursery rhymes encourage social and emotional development. Through group song and dance activities or simply listening to a rhyme read aloud, toddlers can practice social skills like taking turns, waiting, sharing, cooperating with others, and developing self-confidence.
  • Nursery rhymes enhance speech, language, and literacy skills. As toddlers begin to learn words, rhymes allow them to hear patterns in the sequence of words, which helps them associate speech sounds with individual letters. Children also start recognizing sight words when they read or listen to nursery rhymes.
  • Math skills are enhanced through nursery rhymes. Nursery rhymes often include counting and numbers while teaching toddlers how to organize information and make comparisons.
  • Social and emotional skills continue to develop through nursery rhymes. Children learn that there is a right and wrong way to do things, helping them better understand the rules and limitations in their daily lives. Additionally, toddlers learn about routines and sequence by listening to and repeating repeated lines or actions within a rhyme.
  • Imagination and creativity are strengthened through nursery rhymes. As toddlers listen to and repeat nursery rhymes, they associate words with actions or objects. This helps them become familiar with how ideas are expressed and the use of language as a tool for communication.

With so many essential skills taught through nursery rhymes, it’s no wonder that this fun and engaging form of poetry is an integral part of learning for young children. At Kokotree, we use rhymes to help toddlers develop critical learning skills.

Quality over quantity.

Quality over quantity has several benefits when it comes to toddler learning videos. First and foremost, toddlers have shorter attention spans than older children and adults, and overstimulating them with too many videos can cause them to become frustrated and overwhelmed.

It’s also important to remember that toddlers are still developing their attention span and focus, and we can help them develop these critical skills by presenting them with fewer videos. Additionally, by focusing on quality over quantity, we can ensure that each video is high-quality and engaging for toddlers.

Less is more.

Regarding toddlers, less is more when it comes to educational videos. Studies have shown that too much screen time can affect a child’s development. That’s why we’ve limited our Little Seeds program to 25 videos. We want your child to develop a love of learning, not dependence on screens.

It’s also important to consider the quality of the videos you’re showing your child. At Kokotree, we only select videos that are age-appropriate and educational. Learning should be fun, so our videos are designed to engage, entertain, and teach.

There are tons of apps and thousands, maybe millions, of free rhymes. Most of these rhymes are not educational and contain loud, flashy content unsuitable for your toddler. Our 25 safe and age-appropriate verses will help your toddler as follows.

Focused learning is vital for toddlers.

As a parent, you have countless choices when finding educational content for your toddler. But with so many options available, it’s important to remember that quality is far more critical than quantity.

Regarding toddler learning, we mustn’t overstimulate kids by presenting them with hundreds of videos to swipe.

Too much screen time can negatively impact your child’s development.

The Kokotree advantage.

We understand the importance of rhyme in early childhood development.

That’s why we’ve created a system that uses engaging rhymes to help toddlers learn essential information in multiple subject areas.

With our program, your toddler will be exposed to the same information multiple times so that they can learn and understand it. They’ll also have so much fun singing along with our videos that they won’t even realize they’re learning!

You can help kids build neural pathways and consolidate their learning by exposing them to the same information multiple times. And by doing it in a structured and predictable way, you can make it even easier for them to follow along and pick up new words and concepts.

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