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Preschool Apps by Age for Your Child’s Developmental Stage

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preschool apps by age and development stage

Choosing the right preschool app for your child involves understanding their age group and developmental milestones. Age-appropriate content is crucial for engaging and supporting young learners effectively. This post will guide you through the key age groups and what to look for in preschool apps to ensure your child gets the most out of their screen time.

Quick summary:

  • Preschool apps should cater to specific age groups and developmental stages
  • Toddler apps (ages 2-3) should focus on basic concepts, simple visuals, and engaging activities
  • Preschooler apps (ages 3-5) should cover more advanced topics, such as alphabet, math, and storytelling
  • School readiness apps (ages 4-5) should focus on pre-reading, pre-writing, and social skills
  • Age-appropriate screen time recommendations vary by age group

Preschool App for Toddlers Ages 2-3 Years Old

preschool app for toddlers

Toddlers are rapidly developing cognitive, language, social-emotional, and physical skills. Preschool apps designed for this age group should focus on supporting these developmental milestones.

Developmental milestones for toddlers

  1. Cognitive development: Toddlers learn to recognize colors, shapes, and sizes. They are also beginning to understand simple concepts like counting and sorting.
  2. Language development: At this age, children are rapidly expanding their vocabulary and learning to form simple sentences. They also develop an understanding of basic concepts like “in” and “out” or “big” and “small.”
  3. Social-emotional development: Toddlers learn to express their emotions and interact with others. They are beginning to develop a sense of self and learning to play with other children.
  4. Physical development: Toddlers are improving their gross motor skills, such as running and climbing, and fine motor skills, like holding crayons or stacking blocks.

Age-appropriate content for toddler apps

Preschool apps for toddlers should feature the following:

  • Simple, colorful visuals that are easy for young children to process and understand
  • Basic concepts like colors, shapes, and numbers are introduced through engaging activities
  • Cause-and-effect games that encourage exploration and problem-solving
  • Songs and nursery rhymes that promote language development and memorization

Kokotree is an award-winning educational app that offers age-appropriate content for toddlers. Kokotree’s toddler-friendly activities focus on basic concepts, simple visuals, and engaging games that support your child’s developmental milestones.

Nursery Rhyme Learning Videos for Toddlers

Kokotree’s app includes various nursery rhyme learning videos and cartoons specifically designed for toddlers. These engaging videos help support language development, memorization, and overall learning. Some of the popular nursery rhymes featured in the app include:

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Hush Little Baby
  • Five Little Ducks
  • Finger Family
  • The Dancing Song of Animals
  • Jingle Bells
  • Months Of The Year
  • The Phonics Song
  • ABC Song
  • Colors
  • The Alphabet Song
  • The Numbers Song
  • Days of the Week
  • And many more.

These nursery rhyme videos entertain toddlers and help them learn essential concepts like the alphabet, numbers, colors, days of the week, and animal sounds. By incorporating these engaging videos into the app, Kokotree ensures toddlers have a fun and educational experience while developing crucial skills for their age group.

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Preschooler Apps for Ages 3-5 Years Old

best app for preschoolers

Preschoolers are building upon the skills they developed as toddlers and are ready for more advanced learning experiences. Preschool apps for this age group should provide content that challenges and engages them while being developmentally appropriate.

Developmental milestones for preschoolers

  1. Cognitive development: Preschoolers learn to recognize letters, numbers, and shapes. They are also developing problem-solving skills and a better understanding of cause and effect.
  2. Language development: At this age, children are learning to follow more complex instructions and are beginning to understand basic grammar rules. They are also expanding their vocabulary and learning to express themselves more effectively.
  3. Social-emotional development: Preschoolers are learning to share, take turns, and cooperate with others. They are also developing a better understanding of emotions and learning to express their feelings appropriately.
  4. Physical development: Preschoolers are refining their gross and fine motor skills. They are learning to balance, hop on one foot, and catch a ball. They are also improving their hand-eye coordination and learning to use writing and drawing tools more effectively.

Age-appropriate content for preschooler apps

Preschool apps for 3-5 year olds should include:

  • Alphabet and phonics activities that help children recognize letters and their sounds
  • Number recognition and basic math concepts like counting, sorting, and comparing
  • Storytelling and comprehension activities that promote language development and literacy skills
  • Creative activities like drawing and puzzles that encourage self-expression and problem-solving

Kokotree’s preschool curriculum is designed to support these developmental milestones, offering various engaging activities that cover alphabet recognition, early math skills, storytelling, and creative expression. Our STEAM curriculum includes cartoons and videos such as:

  • Welcome to Budding Sprouts
  • Single Letter Phonics
  • Big & Small
  • Standing Lines
  • Circle And The Color Yellow
  • Counting 1 to 10
  • Granny And The Little Panda
  • Sleeping Lines
  • Me, Myself & I: Self Awareness
  • And many more!

We actively create more engaging content to support our preschoolers’ learning and development.

Preschool App for School Readiness for Ages 4-5 Years Old

preschool app for school readiness

As children approach kindergarten age, focusing on school readiness skills is essential. Preschool apps have many benefits for this age group should provide content that helps children develop the foundational skills they need to succeed in a formal learning environment.

Critical skills for school readiness

School readiness skills include:

  • Pre-reading and pre-writing skills, such as letter recognition and early writing attempts
  • Basic math concepts like counting, comparing, and understanding simple patterns
  • Social skills and emotional regulation, such as sharing, taking turns, and managing emotions
  • Independence and self-care skills, like dressing oneself and following basic routines

How preschool apps can support school readiness

Preschool apps can support school readiness by offering:

  • Engaging, skill-based activities that focus on pre-reading, pre-writing, and early math concepts
  • Progress tracking and reporting features that help parents and teachers monitor a child’s development
  • Parent and teacher resources that guide supporting school readiness at home and in the classroom

Kokotree’s school readiness content is designed to help children develop the fundamental skills they need to thrive in kindergarten and beyond. Our STEAM curriculum includes cartoons and videos that focus on essential skills for this age group, such as:

  • Early Reader. Single Words
  • The Talkative Turtle
  • Letter A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H
  • Counting Numbers 1 to 15
  • Rectangle and Blue
  • Rainbow Colors
  • Early Reader. Cat On The Mat
  • The Enormous Carrot
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Magic Words – Sorry, Please, Thank You, Excuse Me
  • And many more!

We are constantly expanding our content library to provide engaging and educational materials that support school readiness. With engaging activities, progress tracking, and parent resources, Kokotree supports a smooth transition into formal education.

Developmental Milestones by Age

Understanding developmental milestones is crucial for selecting age-appropriate preschool apps. Children ages 2 to 5 undergo significant growth and development across various domains, including cognitive, language, social-emotional, and physical skills.

Preschool apps can support healthy development by providing engaging, age-appropriate content that aligns with these milestones. However, parents must be involved in their child’s learning journey and monitor their progress to meet developmental goals.

We believe in the importance of parental involvement in a child’s education. Kokotree encourages parents to engage with their children as they use the app, offering features that facilitate co-viewing and interactive play. Discover more about the Kokotree preschool app features.

Age-Appropriate Screen Time Recommendations

While preschool apps can be valuable learning tools, following age-appropriate screen time guidelines is crucial to ensure a balanced and healthy approach to technology use.

Guidelines for screen time by age group

  • Toddlers (2-3 years old): Limit screen time and focus on high-quality educational content. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends no more than 1 hour per day of high-quality programming for this age group.
  • Preschoolers (3-5 years old): Moderate screen time, emphasizing educational content and co-viewing with parents. The AAP suggests limiting screen time to no more than 1-2 hours per day for preschoolers.

Tips for managing screen time

To ensure a healthy balance of screen time and other activities, consider the following tips:

  • Set clear limits and boundaries around screen time and stick to them consistently
  • Encourage a balance of activities, including outdoor play, reading, and creative pursuits
  • Engage in co-viewing and interactive play with your child to support their learning and monitor their app use

Kokotree is designed for short, engaging sessions, making it easy for parents to incorporate into a balanced day. The app also encourages offline learning activities and parent-child interaction to support a well-rounded educational experience.


Choosing the right preschool app for your child’s age and developmental stage supports their learning and growth. Understanding the key milestones and age-appropriate content for each age group allows you to select apps that effectively engage and educate your child.

Remember to consider screen time recommendations and actively participate in your child’s learning journey. With the right approach and tools, like Kokotree, you can harness the power of preschool apps to foster a love of learning and prepare your child for success in school and beyond.

Try Kokotree today and discover the difference an age-appropriate, comprehensive educational app can make in your child’s development!

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