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Cinco De Mayo Activities For Preschoolers

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Cinco De Mayo Activities For Preschoolers

Some people may see Cinco De Mayo as just a day to drink tequila and party, but there’s so much more to it! This Mexican holiday celebrates the Mexican army’s victory in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. There are many fun Cinco De Mayo activities for preschoolers to teach them about this important day, from learning about the culture and history to participating in traditional activities. Keep reading for ideas on celebrating Cinco De Mayo with your little one!

Make a piñata.

You can’t have a Cinco de Mayo celebration without a piñata! Piñatas are traditionally filled with candy and small toys; kids love taking turns whacking them open.

You can buy a pre-made piñata or make your own out of paper mâché.

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Decorate sugar skulls.

Sugar skulls are a traditional Mexican decoration often used to celebrate the Day of the Dead. However, they can also be used to decorate Cinco de Mayo!

Provide your preschoolers white sugar paste, and let them get creative with decorating their sugar skulls.

Make paper flowers.

Paper flowers are another traditional Mexican decoration that can be used for Cinco de Mayo. You can find tutorials online on making different kinds of paper flowers.

Once your preschoolers have made their flowers, they can use them to decorate the classroom or their homes.

Learn about traditional Mexican clothing.

Many people wear traditional Mexican clothing to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Show your preschoolers pictures of traditional Mexican clothing, and talk about the different colors and patterns used.

You could even have them dressed in traditional Mexican clothing if you have any available.

Listen to mariachi music.

Mariachi music is a type of traditional Mexican music that is often played during Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

Many mariachi songs are appropriate for young children, such as “La Bamba” and “Cielito Lindo.” Put on some mariachi music and let your preschoolers dance along!


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Make paper lanterns.

Paper lanterns are another popular decoration for Cinco de Mayo. You can find tutorials online on making different kinds of paper lanterns.

Once your preschoolers have made their lanterns, they can use them to decorate the classroom or their homes.

Learn about traditional Mexican dances.

Many traditional Mexican dances are popular during Cinco de Mayo celebrations, such as the garage tapatío (Mexican hat dance) and the fandango Jarocho (Veracruz fandango).

Show your preschoolers some videos of these dances, and then let them try them out themselves!

Make homemade tortillas.

Tortillas are a staple of Mexican cuisine, and they can be made easily at home with just a few ingredients. Let your preschoolers help you measure and mix the elements, and then watch as they transform into delicious tortillas!

Once they’re cooked, you can enjoy them with your favorite toppings or fillings.

Plant a cactus garden.

Cactuses are native to Mexico, so what better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than by planting your cactus garden?

You can buy small cactuses from a nursery or gardening store and plant them in pots or containers. Be sure to teach your preschoolers how to take care of their cactuses so they will thrive!

Watch a Mexican movie or TV show.

Many great movies and TV shows are set in Mexico, such as Coco and Dora the Explorer. Show your preschoolers some clips from these movies and TV shows, and talk about what makes them unique compared to other children’s media.

You can even let them watch an entire movie or play together. Whatever you decide, your preschoolers will have a great time celebrating this fun holiday!

Cinco De Mayo Activities For Preschoolers.

Cinco de Mayo is a beautiful opportunity for preschoolers to learn about Mexican culture and traditions.

They can do many fun activities on their own or with their families, so be sure to take advantage of this festive holiday!

Whether you are decorating sugar skulls, learning about traditional Mexican clothing, or watching mariachi music together, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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