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Jack and Jill Video for Preschoolers

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Jack and Jill Video for Preschoolers

Jack and Jill originated in England, written around 1765, and was originally called Jack and Gill, possibly about two boys rather than a boy and a girl as we know them today. It’s one of the favorite educational app for kids to learn core early learning concepts.

There are several benefits your child will gain when watching this video and preschool song:

  • Developing curiosity and questioning — Kids are naturally curious. This video will help develop their curiosity. They will definitely wonder about the old medical use of vinegar and brown paper for treating bruises and headaches. You could also discuss why they would be going to collect a pail of water. Why are Jack and Jill animals in the video? Developing curiosity is a great benefit for children, encouraging them to question and learn more.
  • Developing an understanding of the world — This is a good video for children to learn several things about the world. They will see a well, a hill, and understand “up” and “down”, increasing their knowledge about the world, and helping to develop their general understanding as they get older.

Vital for pre-schoolers

  • Identifying rhyme — Kids will learn several rhyming couplets, such as “Jill” and “hill”, “down” and “crown”, and “caper” and “paper”. Being able to identify rhyming words is a great skill for kids, as it helps with pronunciation and memory.
  • Recognizing alliteration — For increased literacy ability, being able to recognize alliteration is a great skill. Point out the “j” sound in “Jack” and “Jill”. Talk about other words that start with the same sound. Alliteration helps develop kids’ writing and helps with their phonics understanding.
  • Developing vocabulary — There are several words that children may be unfamiliar with: “pail”, “crown” (for “head”), “tumbling”, “trot”, and “caper”. Learning alternatives to words is important in developing children’s speech and writing.

This rhyme in this video of Jack and Jill is sung by children, so other kids will enjoy identifying with them and singing along.

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Activities and Reinforcement

  • Get two toy dolls, puppets, or stuffed animals and pretend they’re Jack and Jill. As you sing the rhyme together, you and your child can act out being Jack and Jill, going up the hill and tumbling down.
  • Find a hill! Walk up it, singing the song, pretend to fill a bucket with water, and change “tumbling down” to “rolling down” as your child rolls down the hill.
  • Change “Jack and Jill” to two other names using the same initial letter, like “Bill and Ben”. Can you also change other parts of the song to make it rhyme?

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