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BINGO Video for Preschoolers

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BINGO Video for Preschoolers

The origins of this song are unclear, but it’s thought it may have been written in the 1700s. As seen in the video, you can clap instead of singing the letters in “BINGO”, omitting a letter in each verse. Bingo is one of the most fun videos on the Kokotree educational app for kids to learn core educational learning concepts.

There are various benefits your child will gain when watching the video:

  • Developing listening and attention skills — Kids must listen carefully to notice when a letter is missed out, having to clap instead. They will have great fun making sure they get it right! Good listening and attention skills are beneficial for all children when at preschool or at home; you will want to make sure your child will listen to important instructions.
  • Understanding animals — Children will see lots of animals on the farm. There are pigs rolling in mud, frogs leaping, ducks waddling, sheep walking and clapping, birds feeding, dragonflies and butterflies fluttering, and of course, Bingo the dog. It helps kids to understand the types of animals found on a farm, and what they might be doing, like rolling in mud. They can compare these animals to those not found on farms.
  • Developing bilateral coordination skills — This is a fantastic song to practice clapping, which will develop your child’s coordination. Clapping requires kids to use both sides of their body, repeatedly bringing their hands together, and meet in the middle. It is hugely beneficial for children to be able to use both hands at the same time, either the same movement, like clapping, or different movements, like tying shoelaces or cutting with scissors.
  • Recognizing patterns and rhythm — There is a good rhythm in this song. Kids will hear the clapping pattern and attempt to copy it. Recognizing patterns and rhythm helps children predict and understand what’s coming next.
  • Learning letters — Children will learn the letters b, i, n, g, and o in this educational video for preschoolers. It’s important that kids see letters in many different places, not just when they sing the alphabet. Here they will see the letters spelling out the dog’s name. You can also teach them the letter sounds, so they can see how it says “Bingo”.
  • Counting skills — There are different animals to count — pigs, sheep, ducks, and birds. You can also try counting the butterflies and dragonflies, as well as how many times the frog leaps. It’s important that kids can count objects carefully, using one-to-one correspondence (making sure they are saying one number for one object).

There are several educational benefits that children will gain from listening to Bingo, while they also enjoy watching the animals clapping in the video.

Activities and Reinforcement

  • This is a great song to develop your child’s listening and attention skills. See if they can clap instead of saying the letters.
  • In the second verse, instead of saying “B”, clap once then say the rest of the letters.
  • In the third verse, clap instead of saying “B” and “I” and then say the remaining letters. Continue each verse in the same way.
  • To make it harder, take it in turns clapping, as in the video.
  • Sing the song when you’re at the farm!

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