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Labor Day Preschool Activities

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Labor Day Preschool Activities

It’s Labor Day weekend! This means that schools are starting back up, and for most parents, that also means transitioning into a new routine.

Many kids will be attending preschool for the first time, so it can be tricky to develop cities to keep them entertained and learning. Never fear – we’ve got you covered!

We’ve gathered some fun labor day preschool activities to keep your little one busy and learning all day long. Check them out below!

Have a picnic lunch outside.

Enjoy the last of the summer weather by having a picnic lunch outside with your preschooler. Pack some of their favorite sandwiches and snacks, and don’t forget to include a few toys or games to keep them entertained.

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Go for a nature walk.

Get some fresh air and take in the beauty of nature with a preschooler-friendly nature walk. See how many different types of leaves, flowers, and trees you can find.

If you’re feeling adventurous, bring a magnifying glass to help your little one get an up-close look at all the tiny details.

Make homemade pizzas.

What’s more fun than making your pizzas? Let your preschooler get creative with toppings, and don’t be afraid to get messy! This activity is sure to be a hit with even the pickiest of eaters.

Have a water balloon fight.

Cool off on a hot day with a water balloon fight! Fill up water balloons ahead of time, and then let your preschooler loose to have fun. Just be sure to supervise closely to avoid any accidents.


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Make homemade ice cream.

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Make this Labor Day weekend special by whipping homemade ice cream with your preschooler. They’ll love helping to mix all the ingredients and be even more excited to eat the finished product!

Plant a garden.

By planting a garden together, get your hands dirty, and teach your preschooler about where food comes from. Tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, and herbs are all great options that are easy to grow. Once everything is planted, help your little one water the garden each day until the vegetables are ready to harvest.

Go swimming.

Make a splash this Labor Day weekend by going swimming with your preschooler! Whether you head to the beach, the pool, or even the sprinklers in your backyard, they’re sure to have a blast cooling off in the water. Just be sure to apply sunscreen beforehand and keep an eye on them at all times to prevent accidents.

Make homemade arts and crafts projects.

Get creative this Labor Day weekend with some homemade arts and crafts projects! There are tons of easy and fun projects that you can do with your preschooler, such as painting pictures, making collages out of construction paper, or even creating sculptures out of modeling clay. The possibilities are endless!

Bake cookies or cupcakes together.

What better way to spend Labor Day baking delicious cookies or cupcakes together? This activity is fun and an excellent opportunity for your little ones to practice their counting skills as they measure ingredients. And, of course, they’ll love getting to eat their creations afterward!

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